1- What qualifies me to join the program?

We welcome students who are committed, focused and devoted. We encourage those who have training experience in a physical activity, artistic or spiritual practice and philosophy. Having experience in Classical Indian Dance is not mandatory.

2-Are there scholarships, work study or trades opportunities?

There are no scholarships available. There may be work trade opportunities. Kindly refer your interests in the NOTES section of the application.

3- Does Nartaki Dance Residency help with Visas? What type of Visa should we get?

Nartaki Dance Residency cannot support with any type of Indian Visa Application. We recommend applying for a Tourist Visa with the intent of ‘sightseeing’.

4- Is there a dress code?

Yes, at Nartaki Dance Residency there is a dress code. All students must dress traditional Indian Sari our Kurta Salwaar for the classes. We recommend light 100% cotton fabrics.

5- Can we buy Indian Traditional Clothing at Nartaki Dance Residency?

We will have Traditional Dance saris and blouses for sale. You can purchase Kurta Salwaar at FabIndia in Mapusa, a small town 45 minutes away.

6- How can I prepare for training?

We recommend that the student practice Yoga, Meditation and Pilates to gain daily mental focus and body strength.

7- Can we apply for any Program?

Any student applying for Program 1 may also apply to continue for Program 2 and/or 3.

8- What is included in my tuition?

Complete and comprehensive training as traditionally taught in Indian Performing Arts, Modern Dance, and Music. Music for items (choroegraphies) completed inside the course of study and supplementary hand outs. Airfare, travel, accommodation and meals are not included.

9- What are the accommodation options if there is no room available at the Residency?

Jungle Dance Goa is located on a village road where there are many houses, apartments and rooms around that you can rent. Prices for housing goes from 15k INR to 30kINR p/month. Rooms prices are between 750INR p/day to 1500INR p/day. I would suggest going on Booking.com to book a place or come a few days earlier before your program starts to book a room. We are 15min east outside Arambol and Mandrem area, where there are many room rental options. You will need a scooter or taxi service to transport you to the Residency if you chose to stay in Arambol or Mandrem.

10- Which airport do I arrive to?

Goa International Airport.

11- How do I get to the Residency from the Airport?

You can book a prepaid cab outside the airport. It takes 3 hours approx to arrive at the Residency. Costs: 2000INR aprox.

12- Which is the closest Train Station?

Pernem. If you wish to arrive at Pernem station kindly let us know date and arrival time so we can organize a taxi pick up. This station does not have prepaid taxi booths. Its approximately 30 minutes to the Residency.

13- Which is the other train station option in case I cannot arrive at Pernem?

Margao or Vasco

14- Does Nartaki Dance Residency have a transport for students?

No. If you wish to travel outside the residency you will have to book a motorbike/car taxi or rent a scooter. There isn’t rickshaw service in the area.

15- Do I have to fill in the application if I wish to drop-in for a class or two?

No. You do not have to fill in the application.