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Nartaki Dance Residency

Nartaki is a dancer who is a complete embodiment of culture. The dancer is seen as the essence of art and the manifestation of energy. While the dancer is human, he/she has the medium to transport the soul to transcendental heights of bliss.

Nartaki Dance Residency was created with the intention to offer a unique and inclusive space for holistic training and practice of Indian Dance and Yogic Arts in North Goa, India.

Nartaki Dance Residency vision is to honor and preserve the ancient traditions and philosophies of India. Our mission is to reach the world community who dream to travel to India to learn its rich Performing Arts Culture in a safe and holistic enviorment. We will honor the traditions, philosophies and teachings by implementing them in our educational programs.

Our philosophy will allow students to learn the true essence of Classical Indian Performing Arts Culture through rigorous training and commitment, yet offering a guided opportunity for the embodiment of their true nature as unique and individual aspiring artists to be expressed. We wish to inspire our students through tradition and offer a space for cultural exchange and empowerment.

We will be offering courses on Odissi, Classical Indian Dance in the Guru Kelu Charan Mohapatra Gharana. We will also be offering training in Music, Kalaripayattu (Martial Art form from Kerala) and Modern Dance. The mission is to offer a complete curriculum in Yoga, Indian Dance and Contemporary Movement.

We encourage our students to join for the whole season as we will be offering an opportunity to train in Indian Performing Arts through a 200h + Certified Diploma Program recognized by the International Dance Council (CID / UNESCO-The United Nations Educational, Scientific and Cultural Organization : . The serious student will have a complete curriculum study process and will be tested thoroughly.

All students are welcome and are given a Training Certificate at the end of each session, upon a test completion.

Students will be immersed in an artistic environment with access to a professional dance studio, wholesome food, accommodation and comfortable rest areas.




We are very happy to announce that Nartaki Dance Residency will be held at Jungle Dance Theatre in North Goa, India

Jungle Dance Theatre is a Dance Community Residency directed by Daniell Alnuma, that hosts professional contemporary dance training and performances during the season of November to April every year. We are very grateful that Jungle Dance Theatre has opened its doors to ‘NARTAKI’ and has offered their largest studio for our programs to take place.

2020- Nartaki Dance Residency will offer certified trainings divided into 3 Programs / Diksas:

Program I: Dikha (Initiation): 14 days/75h : 19th January - 1st of February

Program II: Diksatattva (Essence of Initiation): 21 days/110h : 16th February - 7th March

Program III: Diksaphala (Fruit of Initiation): 14 days/75h : 22nd - 4th April

CID/Nartaki Dance - Diksana I - Diploma program: 150h min - Program I&II&III


Discover our program essentials:

* YOGA: Classical Hatha and Restorative Yoga

* DANCE: Odissi, Classical Indian Dance; Indian Folkloric & Fusion dances, AND contemporary dance

* MARTIAL ARTS: Kalaripayattu

* MUSIC: Odissi music, devotional raag and kirtan practice and theory

* LECTURES: on philosophy, culture and Vedic science

* RITUAL: Intentional and visionary movement

* IMPROVISATION: Empowered movement, embodiment of your unique and true potential