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I would like introduce you to Nartaki Dance Residency! A new space dedicated to Indian Performing Arts in North Goa, India. We are offering integral educational programs that include: Yoga, Indian Performing Arts and Modern Dance, starting January 19th, 2020! Nestled in the Jungle, 10 minutes away from the Arabian Sea, in a holistic and ecological setting, it’s the perfect nourishing enviroment for rigorous training and study!




Namaste, my name is Tara.

It’s my pleasure to connect with you.


You may know me as Chantelle Gomez but my spiritual name is Tara. Welcome to my world of dance and to a devotional space of visionary artistry.

 It’s been a wonderful journey living in India for the past 11 years, dedicating my life to Dance, and learning the in-depth intricacies of its culture and artistic heritages. I believe in the power of lineage and I’m a dedicated ambassador of Indian Dance culture. My heart loves diving deep into tradition, and I truly believe you can honor lineage and pave your unique path as a artist and dancer at the same time.

Dance your truth and dance from the heart.

I would like to introduce you to my new and unique Indian Performing Arts Residency in Goa! Here you’ll open the doorway to your deepest self. Our focus is to build a Fine Art dance educational program and pedagogy to support the growth of the performing artist. We believe in sustainability in Dance, holistic living and cultural exchange.

Join me on this profound path to dancing with a courageous heart.

If you feel you need support and would like to learn the essentials of living the Indian Dance Dream, I’m offering a FREE 45 minute Dance Discovery Call to guide you on your journey as an artist. You can book this session by clicking the following link!

Tara taught us how to be confident, how to leave our comfort zone and be free. Her classes are joyful. We worked hard. We learned how to release ill feelings and let dance be our medicine.
— ~ Anjana & Hetal, Goa, India


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Nartaki Dance Residency

Nartaki Dance Residency is a program dedicated to Indian Performing Arts, Yoga and Martial Arts.

Book a Free Dance Discovery Session with Tara and learn more about this new space in Goa!

Workshops & Lectures

Learn the philosophies and cultures of Indian Dance and Yoga.

Online Instruction

Odissi Dance Online guided instruction on all basic steps, techniques, nuances and musicality. Coming out soon!


Testimonials : English and Portuguese

‘Initially Tara’s performance is what captivated my heart and I pursued her as my teacher. She imparted the necessary knowledge needed to understand how Odissi as well as Middle Eastern dance blend seamlessly. At all our meetings she came prepared and we began with an offering and a prayer: the Goddess blessed our steps and we plunged into a beautiful choreography which each class built on.  Tara’s  dedication to studying and teaching the Divine dances in her beautiful and competent way, has greatly enhanced my dance as well as my spiritual life.’ - Eileen from California

‘Sempre dancei e sempre tive interesse em experimentar várias danças. A dança persa, algo não frequente em portugal suscitou.me interesse quando soube de um workshop a realizar em Lisboa. A Tara era a professora. Não a conhecia, mas havia sido recomendada por uma amiga. Confesso que sai do workshop apaixonada, não só pela dança, mas pela professora. A maneira como ensina. É muito fácil gostar das suas aulas e ficar rendida à sua dança. A maneira como transmite os conhecimentos, faz.nos quer aprender ainda mais. As aulas não são só técnica, mas também uma partilha de saberes, sentimentos e experiências. Gostei tanto do workshop que assim que soube que ia realizar uma formação intensiva, fiz logo a inscrição. Mas desta vez não iria fazer só a dança persa, seria também dança  odissi. Fiquei curiosa, vi alguns videos e como tinha gostado tanto da professora, achei que seria interessante experimentar. Porque não? Resumindo, passou a ser oficial. Ganhei uma professora a Tara uma aluna. Como já referi, a maneira apaixonada como dá as aulas, faz com que a aluna fique rendida e também se apaixone pela dança. Foi o meu caso. É fácil gostar das aulas, é fácil ficar rendida à professora.’ - Celeste from Portugal